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Sherri Lynn has been a radio professional for well over a decade and has a degree in Communications as well as Biblical Studies. She has written a book, I Want to Punch You in the Face But I Love Jesus, wrote and directed the play, Bold and the Sanctified, is Producer and Co-Host of The Brant and Sherri Show and the Podcast “Brant and Sherri Odd Cast”, and she recently completed a limited series podcast “Snacks and Good Company”.

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    Sherri Lynn is super talented! She has all the ideas and the capabilities to to turn ideas into action but there are a lot of steps between ideas and final products. She uses Na’toria to create visuals for her projects and we are always ready to assist. 
    With each project, Sherri Lynn provided her vision in detail and any resources we would need to create the end project. 


  • 1.
    Sherri wrote a book, I Want to Punch You in the Face But I Love Jesus, then it was time to promote it to her audience and share it with Facebook.
  • 2.
    Challenge 2: Sherri wrote and produced the play, Bold and the Sanctified, and after several shows and cast changes, decided she wanted to live stream in for the final show and needed to promote it.
  • 3.
    Sherri created the Snacks and Good Company podcast series about where Older moms with adult children talk to moms of young children. The seasoned moms will talk about how they got through it, the beauty on the other side, and how to help our kids love and adore Jesus. She needed a logo that encapsulated the vibe she wanted to set on the show
  • 1.
    Brant and Sherri created the promo videos for the book. Na’toria secured the domains and and created the landing page for purchasing the book and we created the social media promotion graphics
  • 2.
    We secured the domain, built and hosted the landing page and coordinated with the streaming platform. We also created social media promotional graphics and updated the promo poster for the show. 
  • 3.
    With her creative direction, we provided three logo concepts, made tweaks to the characteristics and aesthetics of the woman, and tried out different fonts until we came up with the final design that she loved. 

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