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Empower Family Law is a limited license legal technician in the state of Washington. They assist with matters related to divorce, including parenting plans, child support, paternity acknowledgment,
and military divorce cases.

  • problem
    Lesli Ashley decided to go into business for herself and started Empower Family Law LLLT. She needed everything a small business would need: logo, website, digital footprint, business cards, etc. She reached out to Na’toria to help her get started
    We started with designing (3) logo concepts based on the vision she had at the time. Once she decided she wanted to go in a different direction from what she originally intended, we developed 3 new concepts which she loved and we built the rest of her aesthetics based on that. 


  • 1.
    With a brand new business venture, Lesli needed a few products in order to hit the ground running. She opted for the Small Business Package that included a one page website, logo, and business cards.
  • 2.
    As a new business, Empower Family Law LLLT, wanted to increase leads and tried to use Google ads on their own, they requested a consult to see if there was room for improvement
  • 3.
    Empower Family Law LLLT wanted a blog. Lesli knew about all she wanted to say but wasn’t sure how to say it and optimize it to help her website’s rankings. 
  • 1.
    We developed concepts for her logo, then with the content she provided, we created a her website, that was later updated to increase SEO with her landing pages, the we designed and provided 2 sets of business cards to showcase her services.
  • 2.
    We optimized Empower’s Google ads for conversions. We created designated landing pages for “different” Google ads and optimized them with their campaign keywords and made sure they each had their own Call to Action
  • 3.
    Empower providing the blog post drafts and our team editing the content for both comprehension and SEO

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