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Benjamin Wann is a manufacturing product cost & FP&A Consultant, Content Writer, Niche site owner and self publishing writer through Beagle Run Publishing

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    Benjamin Wann has an abundance of knowledge and passion for his career field. He has worked tirelessly to ensure that other up and coming professionals have access to all his resources. He has written over 13 books and wants attractive visuals and graphic design for them
    Benjamin Wann was very detailed in his vision for what he wanted the books Na’toria worked on to represent. He provided detailed notes and imagery and we executed. Each book has a different style based on his direction and the audience. A few of the books are viewable below. Learn more about Benjamin Wann by visiting


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    The first book, Getting Shit Done, The No-Nonsense Framework for Closing the Strategy Execution Gap, is a 430 page book about organizations who struggle with achieving their strategies. Benjamin not only needed book cover art, he also needed illustrations throughout the book to provide visuals for the points he was trying to drive home.
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    When Benjamin originally published his books using Amazon, they provided cover art that was pretty generic. Example here
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    Benjamin Wann adores his Beagles! Check out some of his Beagle products here. Ben decided before he had his first child that he wanted to write a children’s book about the daily life of a beagle dog and have Na’Toria illustrate it.
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    The cover art was simple and to the point as the client wanted. What is a tool people generally use when trying to strategize? A Post it! For the illustrations, with the visual imagery the client provided we were able to develop over 30 unique illustrations that he strategically placed throughout his book before publication. See examples below. 
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    In designing this book, we reviewed the content of his book as well as other field-related books. We applied this process to the book cover art Benjamin wanted us to design for him.
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    Using the client’s written work and vision, we created a digitally designed children’s book, A Beagle-rific Day. Each page of the book, including the cover art, front, back, and spine, was designed by us. In addition, we conducted research for production companies to print the pages and hardcover, coordinated the production; proofs, approvals, edits and changes, communication, pick-up, and delivery of the final product vision and what we created

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